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coming up on our t.v. everyone snowden has been granted temporary asylum in russia after being stuck in the moscow airport for weeks he's now somewhere in the country at a safe location more on this story ahead of. the los angeles county sheriff's department faces a scandal a deputy has been accused of committing sexual assault and bribery while in uniform more on this story later in today's show. and the tech report is on the road today def con is a grand gathering of hackers where tools of the trade are shared we'll give you an inside look coming up. it's thursday august first five pm in washington d.c.
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and meghan lopez and you are watching r t well our top story this afternoon edward snowden has left the sheremetyevo airport in moscow after russian authorities went to him temporary asylum in the country the attorney for former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden says that the documents allowing him to stay in russia were issued today snowden is now allowed to live work and travel in the country for up to a year this temporary asylum is also renewable almost as soon as those papers were issued edward snowden packed his bags and left the airport bound for an undisclosed location where he goes and what he does from here on out is still very much a mystery for the latest from moscow our earlier i spoke with r.t. correspondent lizzie france and i asked her if she has any idea where this man is. well that is the million dollar question in moscow right now there's been no official indication of where he may have been headed when he left the airport wiki
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leaks did release a statement saying that he and his advisor sara harrison i had left the airport this afternoon but a lot of importance has been placed on the secrecy of his location he still feels like a hunted man and the man who has been advising him here on the ground the one really facilitating a lot of his communications here anatoly cucina did say that it is important that edward keep his location secret so as much as the press here would like to know where he's spending this first night in moscow it is not forthcoming at this point do we have any indication where he is headed or what he plans to do next where will he would stay in russia i know that the russian government has indicated that it will not help him answer any of those questions but do we have any indication at this point. what the next step in his plan according to his advisors when he initially put forth his temporary asylum bid in russia there were plans if the bit was turned down he was going to appeal it and
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that made it obvious he was very serious about about living here now that it has been has been favorable to his cause he does plan to pursue work and to settle here in russia. as his advisor until now has told us. learning russian and he wants to make a go of it here now this is silent this temporary asylum term will last twelve months and it's got to be renewed yearly indefinitely so either way he's got to he's got to make another bid every year but it still gives him twelve solid months to set up some sort of a life and his advisor is also helping his father lawn to get the proper paperwork in order to get a visa to finally come here and visit his son should we expect edward snowden to make a beeline for the ecuadorian embassy. in moscow or elsewhere considering the fact that he was granted permanent siloam in those latin american countries.
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well one thing that this entire story thirty nine days of his time here is sheremetyevo airport has shown is that he. eager to take to the skies again there is the possibility of a plane being forced to land we saw this on july third with the president of bolivia as plane so if any information got out that he was on a flight it could be grounded and then he may end up in the clutches of u.s. law enforcement and that is a number one thing he and his family do not want so at this point he and his advisors do say it's best for him to stay here and that is exactly what he plans to do live they can you wanted to a little bit more detail about this temporary refugee status and what it really means can he travel outside of the country for instance. he cannot go outside of the country but he can travel entirely within the bounds of the russian federation from moscow to lot of all stock in the far east so really
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wherever he wants to go obviously he's got resources wiki leaks is assisting him it has been assisting him this entire time he's obviously got allies in this country right now and a lot of russians very much approve of what he's done and how far he's taken things as far as finding safety from the government and to not wanting to to possibly risk having an unfair trial and what he's shown in his bravery in coming to a new country to try to establish a life so people here are ready with open arms to assist him so when it comes to a job which temporary asylum seekers are able to to have here he could seek employment he may find places to live and even money at his disposal so it's not as if he's leaving a war torn country torn country and knowing no one when he comes to this land he's actually got some resources and it's been very obvious insists or he broke so it'll be interesting to see as his adviser at a truly good tennis said if he's ready to meet the press we could be seeing that in
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the next couple of days and what will be interesting to see is what he's got to say to us at that point now president obama had plans to head to moscow to speak with russian president vladimir putin. in september is there any indication that those talks might be off or affected by this asylum. well initially last week when the paperwork from the federal migration services was reported to possibly have been done and there was a sort of press jam here at the airport and that paperwork was not forthcoming that's when we saw a strong reactions from the united states as far as possibly moving the location of the g twenty summit outside of russia and of course the point of doing that would be to take it out of russia and therefore possibly making obama's visit with president putin. not happen so it looks as if since that has been shelved
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said the meeting will still go on no word yet on exactly where specifically battle that will take place but it looks right now as if as if everything is going to go on as usual of course behind closed doors who's to say but we will be hearing about that obviously after it happens you know the u.s. and russia do not have any type of extradition treaty so i talk about how that plays into this obviously american officials have lashed out saying that they're very upset about the fact that edward snowden was granted even this temporary asylum so is that having any effect on u.s. russia relations. well when it comes to as you said there is no extradition treaty and there was a tweet by a u.s. ambassador to russia michael mcfaul on the twenty fourth or twenty fifth of july that simply said we are not asking for a trip to extradition just a simple return of snowden and that was something that that russia essentially said
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we have no obligation to do it and so we're not going to and they've really stuck to their guns on that and that has been something that has really been unwavering and so there's an obvious. a lot of frustration coming from the u.s. side on this and there have been government officials tweeting since news broke that that snowden had left the airport very frustrated and what will be interesting to watch in the coming days is the state department's reaction to this that he has stepped foot outside of the airport he is in the russian federation he's got twelve months here new information has come out today and other n.s.a. programs that people are not happy about and so this story is building on itself over and over and over again it's just snowballing and so this next week we'll probably have a lot of new things to cover as far as what government reactions are and so the hunt for edward snowden continues a new are to correspondent lindsey france reporting from moscow thank you so much
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well it's a secret court that almost never says no it was created by the foreign intelligence surveillance act and then expanded by the patriot act which allows the government to spy on american citizens now the final court is facing major scrutiny from lawmakers who are demanding for better oversight following the disclosures by edward snowden connecticut senator ron richard blumenthal is in the process of crafting legislation to reform the find support and allow for public scrutiny the problem he says is that the eleven member court is so secretive that it undermines the idea of balancing threats of terrorism with the fourth amendment protections of unreasonable searches and seizures but that's not the only piece of legislation that is emerging in response to the n.s.a. surveillance revelations our chief political commentator sam sachs has more the greatest fear that i have regarding the outcome. for america of these disclosures is that nothing will change snowden finally leaves the moscow
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airport today his greatest fear that nothing will change hasn't materialized but instead a flurry of legislation has dropped here on capitol hill to rein in the n.s.a. . and bremer transparency to the top secret pfizer court and last week's near passage of the a mosque conyers amendment which would have defunded the n.s.a.'s mass collection of debt on american citizens shows that momentum for reform is building today senators wide in utah and blumenthal introduced reforms to the pfizer court including putting in place a special privacy advocate to defend the civil liberties of americans before the top secret court here is a measure that protects core constitutional rights in a way that focuses on making the courts and the process. better and fair having two sides represented in court what's more american also senator patrick leahy introduced the comprehensive accountability in privacy protection act which narrows the scope of the patriot act to limits gag orders on data collection view
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and fast forwards the sunset of the fai's amendments act congress has to carefully consider the powerful surveillance tools to be granted government intrusion sure there is stringent oversight accountability and transparency i've introduced a bill that addresses not only section two hundred five and six and seven the two but also national security letters roving wiretaps and other authorities of the patriot act it's also today senator al franken dropped a bill requiring disclosure of the number of americans who had their information collected and reviewed by the end i said i don't want to a situation where the government is transparent only when it's convenient for the government meanwhile in the house congressman rush holt introduced legislation to repeal the patriot act and the pfizer amendments act passing the patriot act is one of my great regrets and i in my time in congress hold says he was deceived by the n.s.a. in two thousand and five about the extent of its domestic surveillance programs i wrote be at the n.s.a.
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doris during a letter. accusing him of is not just deceiving me and individual but withholding from congress. the necessary information for congress to be able to do its oversight that even members of the intelligence committees are getting into the game with congressman adam schiff has introduced a number of reforms to the pfizer court that including more oversight in appointing judges and declassification of pfizer court legal opinions there's a substantial degree to which we can declassify things that won't impair national security that will allow a more full debate that will allow better momentum behind reform and that's what i'm trying to do with these files of course bills even senator dianne feinstein one of the biggest supporters of the n.s.a. . has come around to the opinion that reform is inevitable in an op ed for the washington post this week feinstein wrote despite these real threats that our intelligence programs seek to thwart i intend to work with members of the senate intelligence and judiciary committees to consider changes to the n.s.a.
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call records program in an effort to increase transparency and improve privacy protections but recognizing their executive grip on the n.s.a. is slipping today the white house huddled together those lawmakers pushing for reform and the chief of the n.s.a. keith alexander is again on capitol hill briefing lawmakers on why these programs must stay intact but here on capitol hill the winds are blowing in the direction of reform and some a matter of if but when and what reform will look like and how will affect the n.s.a. and the top secret files a court which means somewhere in russia edward snowden should be smiling in washington sam sachs r t. well it's thursday so it's time now for our weekly tech report and boy have we got a whopper for you it's def con we can last vegas that is one of the oldest and biggest computer hacking conventions in the entire world here anything with a circuit board or a chip or
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a sim card or any electronic parts whatsoever are subject to hacking this is where security researchers and cyber crack safe crackers and lockpicks and identity thieves and other additional enthusiasm gather to exchange ideas artie's own cyber guru and blake is in las vegas to bring us a preview and her what can we expect to come out of debt come this conference. thank you very much will so far if there's any indication around fifteen thousand hackers triple digit temperatures and a bunch of fun and games we've got around another four days lined up of people who are there actually eight pm last night getting ready to get a nice spot at def con things start to pick up this morning there's only been a couple of presentations so far but like you said over the next couple of days we're going to hear from all sorts of security experts lock pickers and anyone involved in any sort of security consulting information sciences people who touched computers with any sort of degree and anyone who can do something with technology
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to harness it to make it better to innovate to to invent their fifteen thousand of them they're all here in vegas and they're all looking forward to having an interesting couple of days soon to leave with some new knowledge and obviously andrew this comes at a very important time we're hearing so much about the n.s.a. leaks and things like that so can you tell me how is the competition hacker handling this obviously the need for or the desire for privatized communication is bigger now than more than ever oh i mean absolutely and you know in the past in different ways of communicating with people over the internet over. phone these are these are topics that have always been discussed at def con but this year in particular given the recent disclosures for from edward snowden and what we've learned about the n.s.a. people are especially interested this year in fact route to the course of the convention there's going to be a panel discussion with the electronic frontier foundation and another with the
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american civil liberties union where they're going over what exactly is n.s.a. leaks mean this morning even if there was a presentation of the first one of the entire convention was about the federal laws that exist right now with regards to copyright because you know it's not just civil liberties that are at risk there's all sorts of computer legislation many which are outdated that provide a way for hackers to accidentally end up not necessarily on the radar of the federal government but just in jail it's one thing to have the n.s.a. spying on you but a lot of things that seem seemingly legal actually aren't and that's why a lot of people come here to learn more about how to be involved in this trade without risking a a lengthy jail sentence or ending up on the bad side of the law and under i understand that the hackers were not alone at this conference the head of the national security agency keith alexander made an appearance in vegas to talk about what he does in the n.s.a. in particular at the black hat security conference what was his message and how did
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the audience receive him oh they did not receive him very with very well actually when general alexander spoke yesterday he was actually booed he was jeered they were obscenity that were yelled in his direction he tried to defend a prison he tried to defend the leaked documents attributed to mr snowden which have really blown the cover of the n.s.a. and explained exactly what many people have thought for decades now i've already spoken to a handful of people this morning at the convention who do this one of the first things that they were mentioned was well you know we're here right now because of what the n.s.a. has been doing that we need to find ways to make sure that we can still community. freely just a few hours ago i sat down with john draper he was a phone phreak back in the sixty's and seventy's one of the original real hackers if you will and he was going on and on about well you know i've seen the n.s.a. be doing these things since the seventy's and it's it's not good and he was telling me you know what he's had to do in the past or to circumvent the stuff that people
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have to do now and you know here's someone who has been very involved in the community and very much said he was appalled by it by these disclosures so people are going to be discussing them at length and is that yes the a.c.l.u. discussions but you know these are people who already specialized many of the attendees specialize in encryption specialize in security so if you're not necessarily learning something new here you're at least being able to network with other people who can help kind of bring this community a little bit more closely at a time when that's really imperative and as these people come together to discuss the future of cyber technology and hacking you'll be discussing it with us i'm sure our t one producer and your blake reporting from las vegas thanks meghan. meanwhile in los angeles a pond dale sheriff's station deputy has been arrested and charged of raping and bribing two women during two routine traffic stops three years ago twenty eight year old jose rijo barito sanchez is a seven year veteran of the police force he said he was taken into custody on
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monday and now faces a lesson in felony counts he is charged with two counts of soliciting a bribe and one count of each of the following kidnapping to commit another crime rate by fear of duress or under the color of authority sexual penetration by a foreign object sexual penetration under the color of authority sodomy by fear or directs sodomy under the color of authority oral copulation by fear and oral copulation under the color of authority correspondent or mcglynn doe is in los angeles with the latest and ramona obviously these allegations are terrible they're very very disturbing do you have more information about what exactly the victims say this they were going back to sanchez did. that's exactly right very disturbing allegations well according to an attorney for one of the victim's deputies sanchez is initially stopped or same day he was investigating some sort of warrant and
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according to the same attorney he started making some unusual requests towards this woman who is in her twenty's according to her he put her in the back of his mark patrol car then drove out to the middle of the desert where he allegedly raped her in the backseat of the car now this deputy does work for the l.a. county sheriff's department his last his last assignment was in palmdale which is about an hour north east of los angeles the city and now prosecutors say that just a couple of days after this alleged rape deputy sanchez pulled over another woman and as her for sexual favors and according to prosecutors there was a witness to that incident now this happened all the way back in two thousand and ten so what took so long to file charges and to get this man off the streets. yeah that's absolutely right i mean the complaint this alleged rape happened in september of two thousand and ten and at the beginning of two thousand and eleven
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in january the sheriff's department was quickly able to turn over their the findings of their investigations to the los angeles county district attorney now i spoke to prosecutors earlier today i asked them the same thing about why it took so long to actually arrest deputy sanchez and bring these charges the only thing that they've been able to tell me or any other media outlets is that this was a very extensive investigation and it's just this is just how long it took but we do have to remember that he is facing life in prison if convicted of all these charges and at the day the victim who has been suffering from years from trauma and stress said that she is finally relieved to know that her alleged attacker is behind bars and how has the department been reacting to these rape charges right well in cases of officer misconduct meantime departments try to defend their officers and in this case they've been very up front in and presenting
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the evidence against this deputy and and in fact have come out to the media although they would prefer this not to be such a big story about the sheriff's department they have been very upfront in saying that there deputy did coerce these women and finally ramon what's next in this case sure well dirty sanchez will formally answer to these rape and robbery charges next week he's being held on nearly a million and a half dollar bond and as i mentioned he could go to prison for the rest of his life if he is convicted of all these charges and attorneys for the victims say that based on some of the patterns that the deputy has shown they expect more victims to come forward very interesting are to correspond eromanga landau reporting from the las angeles pointing out the very latest on that case thank you so much you bet. well from bad to worse the financial prospects of detroit are growing more groomed by the day republican governor rick snyder posted a statement on his website announcing that michigan has no plans to bail out the
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city because quote we don't want to regard to reward this mismanagement the choice financial troubles have been years in the making and there were ample signs that the city was on the brink of a cash strapped calamity right now sixty percent of children in the city live below the poverty line to make things worse the city officials announced a ten percent wage cut and other benefit were duction for detroit police department lieutenants and sergeants they also announced a ten percent reduction on about four hundred members of the detroit firefighters association so it looks like there's no end in sight bringing this up producer amir david went to the motor city to find out why detroit seems to have lost its steam. we cannot and must not and we will not while it may seem like a calamity of the distant past it was only four years ago that the obama
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administration rode to the rescue of two detroit automakers general motors and chrysler the federal government port eighty billion dollars into the companies extending them a lifeline out of a looming bankruptcy. but it seems the city of detroit won't get the same bailout even after declaring a twenty billion dollar debt becoming the largest municipal bankruptcy in u.s. history and this time around city employees will feel it the most as they are likely to see significant cuts to their pensions and post employment health care benefits while voice of concern is reverberating throughout the city hasn't quite overtaken another sentiment one that's magnified over the last few years i've been here all of my life and i've seen it in a big not like it is more good as come these people is buying businesses and i see a lot of construction going on a lot of people moving down here a lot of jobs and job opportunities for people down here and it's just becoming a vibrant city detroit is
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a place where things can grow there's room here and there's. fresh fresh minds people are moving here all the time so i feel like there's unlimited potential here it's sincere optimism which many experts say is a result of the innovators and investors that are taking a chance on the city that is what took me to tech town a business incubator that's cultivating the startups that are dancing new technologies an area that president and c.e.o. leslie smith says has only grown the activity that we're saying you know in the midtown and downtown is certainly exponentially different than it was three and five years ago in terms of the support for entrepreneurs the planning for entrepreneurs the opportunities for entrepreneurs to kind of grow in large businesses here it's a snapshot of a booming tech industry that's taking detroit by storm according to automation. alys latest tech report the growth has been so large that the city is now starting to outpace multiple national tech hubs like boston chicago and even silicon valley
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perhaps the greatest symbol of detroit's tech renaissance in the madison building once a movie theater the fifty thousand square foot building is now home to over three hundred entrepreneurs' and american investors investments are giving the city a huge boost but it's not just american entrepreneurs looking to detroit as fertile ground there's a whole host of foreign investors who are banking on the city's potential case in point china so far over sixty chinese companies have put down roots in detroit investing in a myriad of businesses and new vehicle technologies robert for cano who oversees detroit as wayne county executive has been to china seven times since two thousand and five he says the recent activity is sending a very powerful message they still see this is a strong economy i mean people i know get uptight about them buying or treasury bonds and things like that we'll step back and say what does that mean that music believe in your economy and that belief in the economy is echoed by detroiters
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we're starting to see their community change. one of those neighborhoods is cast forward or an area that seen unprecedented development with refurbished streets new restaurants and retail shops clear nelson both works and lives in the neighborhood what i'm seeing is. a lot of investment and creativity and innovation happening around retail commercial the sex finally for the first time in a long time is why why people experimenting with new ideas new ideas being brought to the city by new people with a younger generation not only working in detroit but living here to revitalizing the city one neighborhood at a time and that's why people here say detroit might just be carving out a new identity. perhaps not one soley defined by cars but rather by the innovation that's bringing the city back to life in detroit near david r t and just
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a couple hours east of detroit one michigan beer company is causing a big stink over the in bridge tar sands pipeline belle's maries says the oil company's plans to build a pollution facility just a few hundred feet away from the brewery will affect the water and put a bad odor into the air now it's suing here's how we got to this point back in two thousand and ten and in bridge pipeline burst spilling over one million gallons of canadian crude oil into the kalamazoo river it was the largest illinois a pipeline spill in the u.s. history and even the environmental protection agency has all but i admitted that up to one hundred sixty eight thousand gallons of the oil will remain in the kalamazoo river indefinitely in an effort to clean up that river enbridge has announced plans to build a dredge facility the plant will process and clean dirty sediment from the delta near the mara lake but the owner of the bell's brewery says that this is too much
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to swallow. our environmental consultant tells us this thing is going to stink to high heaven and the peruvian westerlies go right into our plant so you see this is having the potential of shoddiness and now this lawsuit brings both the enbridge pipeline as well as future plans for the keystone x.l. pipeline into question pipeline spills while rare have much more damaging impacts when they happen inland versus out in the sea because they directly affect the local population although the lawsuit is a long shot the owners of bell's brewery say there are willing to stick it out and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we cover and go to youtube dot com slash r.t.m. america and check out our website r t dot com slash usa don't forget to follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez i'm always curious to hear what you have to say or what you think about today's stories that we covered or give me ideas for the stories that you want to see covered in the future and don't forget to tune in
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breaking the set is coming up at the top of the hour. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max times are. just sipping some cool it's a technique called method reporting i'm trying to get into the minds of those in today's headlines. nine out of ten called members prefer to drink cool.


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